About Sarah Ezrin

Sarah Ezrin is the author of The Yoga of Parenting: Ten Yoga-Based Practices to Help You Stay Grounded, Connect with Your Kids, and Be Kind to Yourself. She is a freelance writer, yoga educator, and content creator based in the Bay Area. Her willingness to be unabashedly honest and vulnerable along with her innate wisdom, make her writing, teaching, and social media great sources of healing and connection for many people. Sarah brings a wide spectrum of life experiences into everything she does. She is unafraid of sharing all sides of herself. She does so in the hope of giving others permission to be their most authentic self. At this time, when honest self-awareness is so important, Sarah’s is an essential and exemplary voice. Sarah writes extensively on the subjects of yoga, parenting, and mental health, often interweaving these themes. Her work ranges from heavily-reported assignments to personal essays to blog content for brands. She is a regular contributor for Yoga Journal Magazine, Motherly, Yoga International, Healthline, Scary Mommy, Mind Body Green, Mantra Magazine, and LA Yoga Magazine. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, Bustle, LA Weekly, and NBC News. Sarah is a well-respected yoga teacher and a leader in the wellness community. A world traveler since birth, she has led trainings, workshops, and retreats locally and across the globe.

Remembering Lesley Fightmaster

Tribute to Teacher Lesley Fightmaster There are some people in this world who shine so brightly that when they are gone, the world feels a little dimmer. Lesley Fightmaster was one of those people. Lesley could light up a room even when she was not physically in it. Life felt sweeter simply by seeing her [...]

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How to Build Community in Yoga Class 

Sarah Ezrin and Students. Photo by Andy Blake. Yoga Teachers Can Build Community in the Studio We are in a time of great divide. How we act right now can either bring us closer together or send us further apart. It is easy to dig our heels into our respective corners and opinions, [...]

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Keep the Care in Self-Care

Sarah Ezrin photographed by Emilie Bers How to develop a healthy relationship with our self-care practices Hi, my name is Sarah…and I am an addict. What kind of addict, you may ask? You name it. Honestly, I am no longer sure I am simply addicted to one thing. When I consider addiction, it’s [...]

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