Discovering Food Trends and Entrepreneurial Innovations at Foundermade

Exploring Food Trends and Meeting Entrepreneurial Innovators Foundermade Discovery Show is a bi-annual summit held in Los Angeles and New York City featuring brands across the beauty, beverage, food, and wellness sectors. With brands launching products, services, and delicious foods and beverages, here are a few innovative trend-setters I recommend you discover yourself! Fabalish [...]

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How to Eat Clean When Traveling

Staying Healthy Wherever You Are: You Can Eat Clean While Traveling Travel is on everyone’s mind again as the world slowly begins to open up.  In a hot minute, the land border between Canada, where I live, and the United States, will be open again, something no one has been able to say for eighteen [...]

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The Keto Diet: What you Need to Know

An Expert Nutritionist Discusses the Keto Diet Nutritionist and Keto Expert L.J. Amaral MS, RD, CSO, specializes in teaching people about nutrition during cancer treatment, for survivorship, and for cancer prevention. She is currently a co-investigator on a phase one clinical trial for ketogenic diets and people newly diagnosed with glioblastomas, a type of brain [...]

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Top 10 Food Trends for 2020

How Food Trends Can Inform Your Meals The beginning of the new year is always buzzing with conversations around health, food, and fitness. While most diet fads get a hard eye roll from nutrition experts, there are some optimistic trends and others that are intriguing enough for more convo. Here are 10 food and nutrition [...]

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How Yoga Can Help Defeat Eating Disorders

Suffering with an eating disorder means that you are disconnected from your body. This most severe mental health issue takes over your mind and, in doing so, it denies the needs of your body or a persons ability to answer to them. The innate messages of hunger, fullness, exhaustion, fear, pleasure, everything, really, become dulled [...]

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The Magic of Manuka Honey

Manuka Honeycomb Photo by @elsas_wholesomelife   The first time I heard about Manuka honey, it was presented to me as an almost mythic substance. A master healer. A recommendation for something that could be eaten or used on the skin. An anti-bacterial agent. A boost for the body’s own natural healing processes. A [...]

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