Discovering Food Trends and Entrepreneurial Innovations at Foundermade

Exploring Food Trends and Meeting Entrepreneurial Innovators Foundermade Discovery Show is a bi-annual summit held in Los Angeles and New York City featuring brands across the beauty, beverage, food, and wellness sectors. With brands launching products, services, and delicious foods and beverages, here are a few innovative trend-setters I recommend you discover yourself! Fabalish [...]

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7 Steps to Detox with Ease

Reset Your Habits with a New Year, New You Cleanse Cleansing is a practice that we can integrate into our lives to reassess and reevaluate our relationships with our habits….including our food. According to Avona L’Carttier, who manages the OG cleansing products line Arise & Shine, “A cleanse is a great way to start fresh [...]

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How to Eat Clean When Traveling

Staying Healthy Wherever You Are: You Can Eat Clean While Traveling Travel is on everyone’s mind again as the world slowly begins to open up.  In a hot minute, the land border between Canada, where I live, and the United States, will be open again, something no one has been able to say for eighteen [...]

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Spicy Smoothie for Stress Relief

  Can our smoothies really help relieve stress? Yes! There is a reason why all of the pumpkin spice blends are so popular in the fall. Spices like cinnamon and nutmeg are warming and help stimulate digestion in the fall and winter. This smoothie recipe provides a comforting warmth from these spices and can offer [...]

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Iced Tea Treats for a Stress-Free Summer

Cool off with Adaptogenic Iced Tea Recipes Summer is in full swing and the only thing running hotter than the soaring temperatures is our quest to stay cool. Enjoying leisurely sun-filled days is what we’ve all been looking forward to, but the summer heat breeds an endless need for refreshment. And what’s more revitalizing than [...]

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Declutter Your Mind, Body, Soul, and Space

Take Back Control and Declutter! Declutter Your Mind, Body, Soul, and Space If you feel like you’ve lost motivation and spend your days reactively coping with overwhelming thoughts, it’s time to take back control and declutter your mind, body, soul, and space.  Raise your hand if you ever feel like you’re sinking under the waves [...]

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The Keto Diet: What you Need to Know

An Expert Nutritionist Discusses the Keto Diet Nutritionist and Keto Expert L.J. Amaral MS, RD, CSO, specializes in teaching people about nutrition during cancer treatment, for survivorship, and for cancer prevention. She is currently a co-investigator on a phase one clinical trial for ketogenic diets and people newly diagnosed with glioblastomas, a type of brain [...]

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4 At-Home Uses for Mason Jars Beyond Canning

What Can You Do with Mason Jars? Everything of Course! To my delight, the popularity of the centuries-old Mason Jar has grown exponentially over recent years. What first seemed like every “Hippie Dippy’s” favorite drinking glass is now a common staple at five-star restaurants, weddings, birthday parties and beyond. Mason Jars are being used as [...]

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Boost Your Health with the Real Vitality Tonic

Real Vitality Tonic and Training Your Taste Buds The Real Vitality Tonic is a warm, raw apple cider, cinnamon, and ginger drink. Start a program by drinking this for eight days after your first meal of the day and again with your other meals. Real Vitality Tonic Ingredients 1 cup hot water 1 tablespoon raw [...]

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