How A Tuina Massage can Improve Your Yoga Practice

Tuina Massage is a Tool for Recovery We're all looking for tools for recovery, especially after a challenging practice. This can be especially true when we feel stiff, unenergized, or worried about a specific part of our bodies. Our bodies need some love and TLC so that our yoga practice can be enjoyable and effective. [...]

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Tulsi Spa Features Stress-Reducing Spa Treatments

Ayurveda at Tulsi Spa in Studio City The hands-on body, mind, senses, and spirit-centered therapies of Ayurveda are meaningful remedies for the stress of modern life. Tulsi Spa co-founder Lissa Coffey is a noted Ayurvedic expert, speaker, teacher, and a prolific author. She says this about the Ayurvedic treatments, “The warm herbalized oils used in [...]

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OSEA Venice Skincare Studio on Abbot Kinney

OSEA: Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere More than 20 years ago, multi-modality healer and spa director Jenefer Palmer founded OSEA Skin Care in her kitchen sink. She was inspired by her chiropractor grandmother’s use of seaweed for its reparative powers. These ocean veggies provides the star power for the brand’s nourishing blends. OSEA is still owned [...]

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5 Post-Retreat Practices for Vitality

Tranquility bathtub at CIVANA Carefree. Vitality is a Daily Practice While we all love to experience a getaway that helps us to hit the reset button, lasting vitality comes from a commitment to post-retreat daily practices. CIVANA Carefree Program Supervisor Mariah Comer and Wellness Officer Rianna Riego offer the following five practices for [...]

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Relax and Set Intentions with a Spa Holiday

Red Mountain Resort Yoga and Hiking Recharge with a Spa Holiday There’s no denying it – the holidays are here. As much as the world is filled with revelry and good cheer, accomplishing this often comes at the expense of tension, stress, and fatigue. Maybe the holidays are also a time for a [...]

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Pause Float Studio

While I’ve heard people talk about the benefits of floating, my first experience floating was at Pause Float Studio in Venice. It is located in a nondescript storefront (at least from the street) on Washington Boulevard, just east of Lincoln. The moment I stepped inside the doors of this carefully designed oasis of relaxation, it [...]

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Biologique Recherché & the Ciel Spa at SLS

There is a sense of relaxation invoked from the first moments of entering the Philippe Stark-designed Ciel Spa at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. The simplicity of the warm white tones of the spa and the gorgeous, distinctive design create an unparalleled and refined urban sanctuary. New partnerships at the spa offer an expanded [...]

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Visiting the Spa with Alysia Reiner

Photo of Alysia Reiner at Exhale Spa at the Loews Hotel in Hollywood by photographer David Young-Wolff. Yoga, Massage, and other Self-Care Tips from an Actress on the Go This actress, filmmaker, activist, and mom knows how to maintain balance amidst a busy schedule of traveling, filmmaking, and raising a family. When it [...]

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