Enhance Circulation with Electromagnetic Therapy

How You Can Enhance Circulation and Blood Oxygen Levels with Electromagnetic Therapy While yoga is an ancient practice that can be performed with no special tools or equipment, new technology is offering benefits to the yoga practitioner who is looking to supercharge their practice. Technology is changing the way we think about our health, challenging [...]

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7 Pro Tips to Pick the Right Yoga Mat

Considerations for Picking the Right Yoga Mat When it comes to picking the right yoga mat, we all want to make sure that we chose one that is the best fit. Not all yoga mats are created equal. Each one will have different design features depending on what you want to use it for and [...]

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New Year New Gear: Innovative and Practical Tools for Practice

  Photo by David Young-Wolff. Clothing by Tantris. Shoes by Skechers. A number of sustainably-minded and innovative companies are currently creating meaningful tools for practice. We've curated a selection of products, props, clothing, subscription and streaming services, supplements, food and drinks, and more. These are items that support our self-care, our practice, and [...]

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Ballet Dancer Madison McDonough Showcases Fall Fitness Fashion

  Fitness Fashion Trend: Halter Bra Since I'm a ballet dancer, I include cross training routines that give me power in my legs. Some of my favorite workouts are spinning, walking, elliptical, Pilates, and core strengthening exercises.   Madison is wearing: Brushed Mosaic Halter Sports Bra and Legging by Tantris Shoes: Women’s YOU by Skechers [...]

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Trend Alert! Fitness and Fashion Tips

Imuri Palcheo stretching in front of a Peloton bike. Photo by David Young-Wolff. Styling by Dagmarette Yen   Trend: Racerback Tank Yoga has helped me so much in my fitness goals, but also my mental goals. I'm an endurance junkie, and my go to workout involved some form of cardio like running, cycling, [...]

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My go-to props for home yoga practice

Support props for home yoga practice can be make-shift household items or store-bought props. by Linda Sparrowe Almost anything can support your yoga practice, from the make-shift—tables, walls, doorknobs, kitchen counters, couch cushions, neckties, or a friend’s outstretched hand—to the store-bought. With so many props to choose from, you may want to start by gathering [...]

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Clean Mat. Clean Mind.

Don't let your down dog get stinky. The yoga mat -- it’s the prized possession of the modern practitioner. Dedicated yogis know from experience that as a deep commitment to the practice develops, the mat can begin to transform into a sacred space -- one where increasing amounts of quality time are spent. Lives can [...]

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