Speir Pilates in Santa Monica

Contemporary, cool, and clean, Speir Pilates exudes the vibe of a fully modern studio with floor-to-ceiling windows, white walls contrasting exposed black ceilings, concrete floors, and eight Pilates reformers. With limited class size (eight—one person per machine), the classes are already booking up after just a few months; so if you want to partake, make [...]

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Focus on 5 Pilates Exercises for Core Strength

When you hear the word Pilates, do you casually dismiss it with the underlying assumption that the practice is complicated and requires flexibility? This preconceived notion could not be further from the truth! Pilates is the ninja of the fitness world—it’s the sneaky, intelligent, and athletic method of exercise that will shape and sculpt your [...]

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Getting Started with Pilates

Beginner Pilates suggestions from Lashaun Dale,  Vice President of Content and Programming for 24 Hour Fitness   A long-time fitness professional, Lashaun Dale is the midst of adding new programming to the 24 Hour Fitness Schedule including Treat While You Train by Jill Miller, Booty Barre by Tracey Mallett, Athletic Training Club by Melissa Guest-Smith, and [...]

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Pilates for Digestion

How using Pilates exercises may aid in better digestion. by Kristin McGee   In the fall and winter we may feel a little more sluggish in the digestive system. In addition to drinking lots of water, eating a diet that consists of mainly whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats, Pilates is a great way [...]

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Cross Training with Pulleys and Purpose with Gyrotonic

Gyrotonic Expansion System® enhances body intelligence. Photos by David Young-Wolff  Practicing Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® have decompressed my joints and given me a deep core connectivity, providing me with more range of motion and joint stability. These remarkable techniques make every other physical activity that I do easier, including my yoga practice. As I child, I [...]

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Pilates Desk Exercises for Work

3 Pilates Desk Exercises to Balance an Office-Bound Body If you’re feeling bound up at the end of a workday, it may be more than simply stress or the barrage of emails. The way you sit may be hazardous to your health. The discipline of Pilates offers tools and techniques to improve your seated posture [...]

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Props for a Playful Pilates Practice

Pilates practice tools aid in building strength and flexibility. Props are nothing new to Pilates students.  In fact, it is said that Joseph Pilates created the Magic Circle (or Pilates Ring) from the steel ring that encircled a cognac keg… talk about creativity and resourcefulness! Today, we have many options to challenge or modify any [...]

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Supporting Yoga Practice Through Pilates Mat Work

Pilates: Supporting yoga practice through Pilates mat work Much like yoga, Pilates is a practice that over the course of years of study can help you connect on a deeper levels to your body through movement.  The two disciplines can work together well for this reason.  Even though the two practices share some common foundations, there [...]

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