Enjoy a FREE Yoga Inspired Necklace from Gogh Jewelry Design!

  To support your practice, Gogh Jewelry Design is giving you a FREE yoga inspired necklace! Szilvia Gogh, founder of Gogh Jewelry Design, is often inspired by how yoga practice has changed her life for the better. That is why she created a line of yoga inspired jewelry. Wearing these yoga necklaces, yoga bracelets and yoga [...]

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Yoga Fashion: Dressing for Comfort and Style

Studiowear to Streetwear photo of the fashionable and stylist Yuriyasa line. Timeless Trends and Tips for Yoga Fashion When it comes to yoga practice these days, you could say that “you are what you wear.” Finding supportive clothing can help you more easily schedule a yoga practice or workout into your daily routine. [...]

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Jewelry for the 7 Chakras

7 Chakras Jewelry Ideas for Energetic Balance The Chakra System describes vortices of energy that are housed in the subtle body. They affect various aspects of our physiology, state of mind, and our way of being in the world. While we have many active chakras, the yogic teachings talk about seven primary energy centers that [...]

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Packing for Travel and Retreats

The Pure Bag is an antimicrobial solution for packing for every occasion. Photography and styling by Sarit Rogers. Fun and Functional Travel & Retreat Fundamentals When you’re getting ready for your next retreat or vacation, selecting a few quintessential practice solutions can help you enjoy your experience. Check out these selects to support [...]

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Top Tops: Trending Sports Bras

  Coverage of sports bras that support a range of sizes Brooks Running Uphold Crossback Bra ($44) A company known for running gear crafts sports bras suitable for both streets and trails. The medium impact Uphold Crossback Bra provides both breathability and support with contoured cups and light padding. Range includes larger cup sizes. Brooksrunning.com [...]

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