Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Workplace Culture at Rythmia

In order to survive, and more importantly thrive in today’s business world, modern companies are constantly in pursuit of any advantage that will give them an edge on the competition. From consolidating workforces via robotics and computer learning to reducing, and in some cases, eliminating public-facing staff, companies are increasingly taking steps once thought impossible. [...]

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Love and Loss in the Time of Corona

On May 24, 2020, The New York Times dedicated the newspaper’s front page to those who have died from COVID-19. Including no other information than first and last name, age, and city of the deceased, the newspaper offered a somber representation of the staggering loss from corona virus seen in the United States since the [...]

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Marching to Abolish Racism: A Photo Essay

Child with fist up at City Hall. #BlackLivesMatter Participating in the Movement to Abolish Racism Watching the class of 2020 graduation into the Black Lives Matter revolution has inspired me in ways I was not expecting. It hs been uplifting and heartwarming to see the inclusion of youths of all colors and genders [...]

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Face Masks for Safety & Fashion

LA’s Yoga Community Pivoting Production to Face Masks for Sale and Donation Daily practice means that we’re practicing every day, throughout the day. Now part of our practice is safety for ourselves and for your community. One of the ways we’ve been asked to practice safely is through wearing face masks in public and while [...]

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Why Eat Organic? Zen Honeycutt On Empowering Food Choices

Unstoppable Empowerment with Zen Honeycutt Zen Honeycutt is the Founder and Director of Moms Across America, the author of Unstoppable--and an unstoppable force when it comes to advocacy work and empowering people who eat. She'll be speaking on the Optimal Health Panel at the Conscious Life Expo. We had the opportunity to talk to her [...]

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Actor, activist, and yogini Lesley-Ann Brandt serves a higher purpose

Lesley-Ann Brandt Photo by Leslie Alejandro. Off the set, on the Mat with Lesley-Ann Brandt Rising star Lesley-Ann Brandt plays a demon on Netflix’s Lucifer. In real life, she’s more of an angel – a committed activist, yogini, vegan, mother, and ambassador for Earthchild Project, a group teaching health and wellness and lifestyle [...]

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