The Documentary Brilliant Disguise Shares A Powerful Spiritual Story

    Brilliant Disguise Shares How K.C. Tewari Influenced a Generation Brilliant Disguise is a feature-length documentary that tells the life story of a humble Indian man, K.C. Tewari. K.C. Tewari was not a household name, but he helped influence the spiritual paths of multiple generations as well as the influx of Eastern spirituality in [...]

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The Documentary AWARE: Glimpses of Consciousness Explores Essential Questions

Monica Gagliano in the film AWARE: Glimpses of Consciousness What is Consciousness? Find out in the Documentary AWARE The traditions of Yoga advocate for a deep inner contemplation of the nature of awareness. The documentary film AWARE: Glimpses of Consciousness is about that very exploration as told by six main characters: a brain [...]

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Infinite Potential: A Film About Our Interconnectedness

Infinite Potential Filmmaker Paul Howard talks about Lessons from Physics & Philosophy “We aren’t just things in space. We are places of transformation.” Artist Sir Antony Gormley offers this reflection about an hour into the powerful documentary Infinite Potential. Filmmaker Paul Howard takes on a seemingly daunting task in this film. Infinite Potential examines the [...]

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I Chose Life: Stories of Suicide & Survival

Film as Activism in Understanding Mental Health May is Mental Health Awareness Month. On May 10, filmmaker Jacqui Blue released her second documentary, I Chose Life: Stories of Suicide & Survival.  This followed a virtual premiere screening event on the 7th. Jacqui Blue felt it was important to address suicide by covering multiple aspects of [...]

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Lessons for Mental Health in the Film Chasing the Present

James Sebastiano and Mark Waters are Chasing the Present The sound of traffic on a busy street. A contemplative and questioning voiceover from James Sebastiano reflecting on his history of drug use and abuse, his movement to vegetarianism and building successful businesses and his lifelong struggle with anxiety. James is the protagonist of this feature-length [...]

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Cracked Up adds to Global Conversations of Mental Health

Darrell Hammond Doing Stand Up Comedy: from the film Cracked Up Cracked Up Now Streaming on Netflix In September 2019, Santa Monica’s second street was lined with classic rocks stars, counterculture icons, environmental warriors, music industry hit-makers, best-selling authors, trauma therapists, yoga teachers, and more. The colorful crowd lined up to get into [...]

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The Mindfulness Movement is a Documentary that Offers Solutions

Officer White Meditating 2: Officer Eric White of the Emeryville, California Police Department, meditates as part of a mindfulness program instituted by Chief Jennifer Tejada in order to help officers process trauma and increase positive outcomes with the public.   The Mainstreaming of Mindfulness The coronavirus has affected all of us in ways [...]

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