Tune into Inspiration with CGood TV

When you need to see something good… CGood.tv is a new streaming platform that is dedicated to conscious, uplifting and transformation films, series, documentaries, music videos, podcasts, live events, and more. There is something for every mood and amount of time. Cgood.tv is now live and available for free! “I always wanted a media platform [...]

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Love, Loss, and Aliens: The Art of Martina Hoffmann

Universal Mother by Martina Hoffmann Visionary artist Martina Hoffmann describes her paintings and sculptures as “subtle reflections on the nature of women in a realistic style that marries the fantastic to the sacred.” Her art creates a visual language that reflects universal consciousness. “My work is an attempt to portray consciousness and love [...]

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COAST Open Streets in Santa Monica

Santa Monica steps it up this weekend. For the COAST Open Streets Festival, the city is creating one of the biggest block parties in the region. On Sunday, October 1 both Main Street and Ocean Avenue will be closed to auto traffic. That’s a 2-mile stretch open for biking, skating, and strolling amongst bands, performers, [...]

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Ebony Williams Dedicated Dancer

Photo of Ebony Williams by Nikita Alba . Beyonce has, purely and simply, changed the entire game. From what it means to be a performer, an artist, a woman, a voice of and for our generation, this woman has written history with her lyricism, and watching Beyonce in motion is bearing witness to [...]

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Visual Poetry of the Gods: The work of Robert Sturman

Artist Robert Sturman Captures The Pose of the Yogi Living a devotee’s life has many manifestations, forms and actions. After even a brief glimpse at Robert Sturman’s stunning series of ecumenical devotional art, I experienced the universal power of love made possible with an intention to unify body, mind and soul. In Vedic terms, Sturman’s [...]

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Practice Makes Performance

Opera singer Daniel Okulitch gets on the mat to prepare to fly in the LA Opera. Bringing a cult classic to life, on stage, in the air and in song, can be a daunting, even intimidating task, but certainly rewarding. When Canadian opera singer Daniel Okulitch was asked if he was excited about [...]

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3 Cities: 3 Choreographers

Louie Cornejo, Misa Kelly and Kerstin Stuart At Diavolo Theater, April 5, 2008 The seven dance performances showcased by 3 Cities: 3 Choreographers shared an allusive, perplexing beauty. Though diverse in background and training, choreographers Misa Kelly, Kerstin Stuart and Louie Cornejo seem equally interested in poising dance at the intersection of the [...]

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The Sufi Practice of Dhikr

Remembering Love My first encounter with Sufism was in Pune on the banks of the Mula River, where I used to meditate at the tomb of Saidullbaba, a Sufi mystic. Sitting beside the white marble tomb, draped in green brocade and scattered with rose petals, I felt a wonderful energy of peace. At the time, [...]

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