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How A Tuina Massage can Improve Your Yoga Practice

Tuina Massage is a Tool for Recovery We're all looking for tools for recovery, especially after a challenging practice. This can be especially true when we feel stiff, unenergized, or worried about a specific part of our bodies. Our bodies need some love and TLC so that our yoga practice can be enjoyable and effective. [...]

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Five Simple Ayurvedic Practices for Optimal Health

As more people embrace a holistic approach to a healthy, conscious lifestyle, it’s no surprise that ancient Ayurvedic practices are finding their way into our modern lives.  Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine that originated in India over 5000 years ago, translating to “the science of life”. Although Ayurveda is dynamic and complex, you [...]

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LA Artist Dillon Forte Talks Sacred Geometry, Spirituality and Tattoos

Los Angeles-based tattoo artist, painter, and entrepreneur Dillon Forte has a thing for nature and his wanderlust that takes him around the globe. We’re not speaking of cruise ships and lounge chairs, this is the type of travel that involves being fully immersed in nature, connecting with the earth, and discovering parts of the planet [...]

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Can CBD Enhance Your Yoga Experience?

The Modern Use of CBD   Over the past few decades, yoga and the use of cannabidiol (CBD) have become two leading practices in American home physical therapy and health supplementation. While this is a fairly recent phenomenon in Western countries, you might be surprised to know how far back it goes in Central Asia, [...]

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Top Five Yoga Poses for Teeth Grinders

Teeth grinding, or bruxism has been linked to anxiety, high-stress work, poor sleep, and long hours. This is according to the National Health Society in the UK. The worst part is—most teeth grinding actually happens at night, so you might not even be aware of the damage you’re doing to your oral health, making this [...]

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Tune into Inspiration with CGood TV

When you need to see something good… CGood.tv is a new streaming platform that is dedicated to conscious, uplifting and transformation films, series, documentaries, music videos, podcasts, live events, and more. There is something for every mood and amount of time. Cgood.tv is now live and available for free! “I always wanted a media platform [...]

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7 Pro Tips to Pick the Right Yoga Mat

Considerations for Picking the Right Yoga Mat When it comes to picking the right yoga mat, we all want to make sure that we chose one that is the best fit. Not all yoga mats are created equal. Each one will have different design features depending on what you want to use it for and [...]

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The Woman Who Runs the LA Marathon: Tracey Russell on Yoga, LA, and More

Talking about Running, the LA Marathon, and Yoga with Tracey Russell  The Conqur Endurance Group manages the Los Angeles Marathon. Their CEO Tracey Russell is the woman who runs the marathon--well, she really runs the organization that puts on this community event. In addition to being a devoted runner, Tracey is an avid yoga practitioner who [...]

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