Michael Imperioli: This is the Way of the Bodhisattva

  Michael Imperioli. Jim Spellman, Getty Images It’s another precarious pandemic morning. Michael Imperioli materializes on the Zoom screen. He leads the group in prayer, purifying breaths and a sitting meditation. He reads aloud long passages by the Tibetan Buddhist Lama, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Within one of them it states, “For such a [...]

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You Are More Than You Think You Are: An Interview with Kimberly Snyder

Empowerment through Words and Action: A Conversation with Kimberly Snyder Kimberly Snyder is a prolific best-selling author, an advocate for health and wellness, a mother, and a person who authentically lives her truth. Her book, You Are More Than You Think You Are, gives us all the messages we need right now. Kimberly, this is [...]

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Congressman Tim Ryan: Spiritual Warrior

Elected into office in 2002, Congressman Tim Ryan has been exemplifying the qualities of a Spiritual Warrior for the past 20 years. The outspoken meditator who is for working families and choice, counts farmers and vegans among his closest friends. He’s brought emotional tools to the toughest vets, and inspired even his most conservative colleagues [...]

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LA Tattoo Artist Dillon Forte Discusses Manifesting for Creatives

Manifesting for Creatives: Putting Visualization into Action Dillon Forte incorporates sacred geometry in his creative artistry. His work includes contemporary sacred geometry through tattooing, as well as fine art photography, painting, fashion, and design. In his approach to manifesting for creatives, he shares inspiring perspectives on seeing the world and our place and how we [...]

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Kirtan Road Dog Jai Uttal on Devotion

ROOTS, ROCK, RAMA! Love is the strongest medicine -Neem Karoli Baba “I’m here to sing kirtan, to lead kirtan, to share kirtan, sing the names of God, play music,” says Jai Uttal. He’s talking as he loads his gear into the First Unitarian Church in Portland, Oregon, for sound check. His performance will be the [...]

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Russell Simmons builds the studio Tantris as a Temple for Practice

Russell Simmons at Tantris. Photographed by Jeff Skeirik/Rawtographer A Studio as a Home for Devotion Russell Simmons is a visionary on the move. Co-founder of Def Jam Records, early promoter and pioneer in the hip hop movement, famous philanthropist, prolific author, television and film producer, and entrepreneur with multiple businesses, Russell is also [...]

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Lisa Garr’s Summer Reading Guide

Lisa Garr From Well-Read Radio Host to Inspirational Author For 15 years, Lisa Garr has served as the energetic, vivacious, and intelligent host of “The Aware Show,” a radio program with several million listeners worldwide. More than 1,500 guests, many of them authors, have made appearances on the air with Garr, chosen for their alignment with [...]

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Life Unscripted: Zhena Muzyka

Zhena Muzyka shares her story rising from a single mother to entrepreneur, author, and publisher. When I first met Zhena, I have to be honest, I was intimidated and a bit jealous. Here was a woman who had everything I wanted and everything “my lizard brain” (as she calls it) was programmed to resent. But [...]

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