Beyond the Screen: Dating and Connecting in the Digital Age

How Do We Connect in this Digital Age? Ah, modern dating! Where technology, desire, love and emotions whirl together leaving us dazed, confused, occasionally exhilarated, ghosted, catfished, soft launched, cobwebbed or all of the above and more. To say that dating and the quest for connection has changed in today’s modern world, is an understatement. [...]

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How to Have Time and Space-Bending Orgasms

Learn How to Improve your Orgasms What if I told you that one of the paths to bigger, better, James-Webb-space-exploring orgasms was to...avoid orgasm? I'm not pulling your wanker!  Really! For thousands of years, tantra practitioners have known this to be true when it comes to how to have orgasms.  Older, more traditional schools of [...]

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Ten Surefire Ways to Ignite Your Sex Life

Did sex with your partner start out as a roaring blaze and slowly burn down to a few barely-lit coals? Is your sex life feeling a bit blah? Are your love-making sessions feeling routine? Is sex low on your list of priorities because it just isn’t sparking joy (or lust)? Here are some tried and [...]

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9 Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Your Yoga Man

Tips for Gift-Giving Celebrating love is always a welcome practice in yoga, but can sometimes be forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life. For those of us whose love language includes gift-giving, it can be challenging finding the right present to show your affection to your significant other. So, to make it easier on [...]

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How to Start Manifesting Love

It is Possible to Practice Manifesting Love The term manifesting has become a term that many people look at as new-age or woo-woo, or maybe wonder, “is this possible?” Manifesting is, in essence, the belief that you can bring your intangible thoughts, dreams and desires into reality by simply attracting what you think about. To [...]

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From Stressed to Blissed with Your Partner

How Can You Transition from Stressed to Blissed You’ve been together more than ever before in your relationship. The access to all your usual activities has been altered which means you’ve been stuck at home together and you’re noticing all the problems. Has the house gotten smaller? Have they always gotten on your nerves and [...]

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Increase your Sex Drive with Yoga

  Stress & sex: a yogic approach to awakening women’s libido A woman's most powerful sexual response is hidden beneath the surface and runs as deep as an ocean. Women have more erectile tissue than men, and the clitoris has nearly twice the amount of nerve endings as a penis. Women have reported orgasms of [...]

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