A collection of quick highlights of yoga happening around the globe. Teasers with links out to full articles, yoga business news of interest, where yoga is showing up in schools, prisons, corporations, resorts, ads, films and tv shows, etc.

How Yogananda’s Legacy Is Continues to Influence the World Today

5 Significant Examples of Yogananda's Legacy As one of the founding fathers of Yoga in the West, Yogananda brought a fresh new expression of an eternal truth: Self Realization. The essence of Self Realization is free from sectarianism. It cannot be bound by any organization (SRF, Ananda, etc.). It is not group or church realization; [...]

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Disney Parks Cast Members Celebrate International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day with Cast Members at Disney Parks Worldwide Nearly 1,000 Disneyland Resort Cast Members celebrated International Yoga Day on June 21, 2018, in Anaheim, California. Only Disneyland Cast Members can watch the sun rise over Sleeping Beauty Castle while practicing yoga with friends. One of the components to the magic of yoga is connection. [...]

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Bikram Yoga Fremont Street Studio, PDX, Behind the Scenes

“You cannot attract true friends without removing from your own character the stains of selfishness and other unlovely qualities. The greatest art of making friends is to behave divinely yourself—to be spiritual, to be pure, to be unselfish. The more your human shortcomings drop away and divine qualities come into your life, the more friends [...]

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The Benefits of Yoga for Veterans

When Looking for Ways to Support Our Veterans, the Yoga Mat Might Just Be the Place to Start:  Veterans Day in November, is the anniversary of the end of World War I. It is a holiday scheduled to honor all veterans of the United States Armed Forces for their patriotism and willingness to serve and [...]

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Yoga On Location: 10,000 Buddha Mural

Photo by David Young-Wolff Yoga on Location: Ryan Orrico at 10,000 Buddha Mural Wall by Amanda Giacomini   Ryan Orrico is wearing shirt by SPIRITUALAF.COM.  Photographed in front of the 10,000 Buddha Mural by Amanda Giacomini.  @10000Buddhas in Venice photo by David Young-Wolff (DAVIDYOUNG-WOLFF.COM) Ryan Orrico teaches burn at Maha Yoga (mahayoga.com/6AMYOGAPARTY). RYANORRICO.COM [...]

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Point Dume

By Elise Joan Photos by Patricia Pena I’ve learned that there is neither magic nor adventure found in our comfort zone. The magic happens on the edge. In this spirit, I faced my own fear of heights (read: fear of falling from heights) by trekking to the very top of Point Dume and standing out [...]

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