Sharon Gannon; Everyday Ahimsa

When the global pandemic halted the whirling pace of the modern world, the populace turned its focus to the sanctity of life, the importance of health, and connectedness of all beings. These are ideals that Sharon Gannon has been living and teaching for four decades. Gannon and partner David Life are students of Shri Brahmananda [...]

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Mindfulness Coach Donny Starkins

    CEOs Need Mindfulness Daily The idea of mindfulness - practicing being aware of each moment, decision and action and how it relates to a healthier and more fulfilling life, has gained significant traction over recent years. More and more people are understanding the lifestyle benefits correlated to mindfulness.   And as Americans get back [...]

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The Mindful Yoga Journey of Dr. Ingrid Yang

Dr Ingrid Yang Photo by Bhadri Kubendran Sharing a Mindful Yoga Journey as a Mindful Life Journey The path to a meaningful life is far from straight and narrow. My professional career began as a stressed-out prelaw student-then-attorney, before I made the career leap to yoga teacher/studio owner in my mindful yoga journey. [...]

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Remembering Lesley Fightmaster

Tribute to Teacher Lesley Fightmaster There are some people in this world who shine so brightly that when they are gone, the world feels a little dimmer. Lesley Fightmaster was one of those people. Lesley could light up a room even when she was not physically in it. Life felt sweeter simply by seeing her [...]

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Sugar Panbehchi Shares her Inspiration for Be Crystal Clear

High Vibrations and Healing Energy at Be Crystal Clear The creative healing touch of Sugar Panbehchi is in evidence everywhere throughout Be Crystal Clear. The Santa Monica studio space, healing center, and high vibration crystal boutique offers a sanctuary for classes, workshops, sessions, and shopping. Sugar spent some time with the LA YOGA team sharing [...]

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Normandie Keith; Lit From Within

Normandie Keith photographed at her home by Cheryl Fox. Clothing by Lavaloka There are some people who remind you that there’s magic in this world. Beings who shine so bright they can sometimes blind. Normandie Keith, with her long blond braids and thousand-watt smile is one of these people. She has the ability to [...]

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