Why teachers love final rest

As a student, nothing beats the feeling of falling into final rest after a really intense yoga practice. Even if the practice wasn’t THAT intense, final rest still feels great. Again, as a student, I usually want nothing more than to lay there for a long time (usually longer than the instructor thinks is adequate). Why? Because it’s relaxing. I get to soak up the benefits of my practice. (Read more about why students love final rest here.)

yoga modificationsBut as a yoga teacher, I love final rest for different reasons. Throughout the practice, I get to watch my students do things with their bodies they rarely – if ever – do outside of class. I get to feel the energy of the room change and shift and morph into something completely different. It’s awesome.

So when final rest comes around, instead of soaking up what I did during the practice (as a student would), I get to embrace what each individual did. I’m able to really bask in the good vibes and energy that we’ve created.

Part of me loves this time for selfless reasons. I can appreciate the hard work my students put in, and I love to think of the benefits they’re receiving from the last few minutes of rest. I like to think that these people – these students of mine – are going to walk out of the class after this and be changed. Maybe it’s a physical shift, maybe it’s a mental shift. But over the last 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes, something has changed in them.

The other part of me loves this time for a complete selfish reason. To be able to sit in the positive, uplifting energy of the students in my class during final rest impacts my energy as well. Even as they’re resting, I can feel the good juju surrounding and enveloping us. It’s amazing, and it can be quite powerful.

If you haven’t taken a yoga class, it’s hard to describe the energy after the practice is over. On the other hand, if you’re an instructor, you’ve probably felt these same things I’ve mentioned above.

Have you ever felt the energy of the room shift before, during and after a practice? Tell me about it below! I’d love to read your comments.

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