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How to meditate: 7 meditation tips

If you’ve ever tried to meditate and found it hard to concentrate on nothing or boring to just sit around, you are not alone. Meditation is difficult – even for people who do it regularly. But it’s worth the struggle considering people who meditate tend to have better health outcomes. That said, if you’re trying to add meditation into your routine, it doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it sounds. Here are some simple tips to help meditation seem more manageable. Continue reading

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Why isn’t the scale moving?

Stepping on the scale day after day, week after week only to see no progress is very frustrating. You eat well, and you exercise regularly. And yet … the scale isn’t moving. The question is: why not? The truth is, there’s more to weight loss than calories in, calories out. Here are four other things that could be hindering your weight loss. Continue reading

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Stress-busting breathing techniques

From getting ready for work to dropping the kids off at school to putting in hours at the office before going home to make dinner, your day is pretty jam-packed. Oftentimes, with a busy schedule like that, it’s hard to de-stress, let alone fit in some “me” time.

There’s hope, though. You don’t need an hour – or even 10 minutes! – to start relieving tension. All you need is 1 minute or less. That’s not long at all! (Plus, if you have more than one minute, great! Use it to your advantage!) Here are two of my favorite breathing techniques for relieving stress. Continue reading

Should I practice yoga at work?

Have you ever said any of these things to yourself or the people close to you?:

  • I just don’t have enough time to work out.
  • I am constantly stressed at work.
  • Sometimes, I just need a few minutes for myself.
  • I want to build my strength, flexibility and/or posture.
  • My body aches from sitting all day.
  • Without a boost of caffeine (i.e. coffee), I can’t make it through the day.

Continue reading

After a long day, yoga can do your body wonders

You know those days that seem to drag on and on? Or the ones that fly by so fast that before you know it, it’s time to get some rest? It’s these times that by the end of the day all we want is for it to be over. And yet, it can sometimes be hard to wind down after a long or otherwise busy day. Continue reading