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3 tips to more physical activity

Gamma Man via Flikr

You’re on the road to a successful, healthy body, and it’s great that you’re getting your regular exercise in. But did you know that confining physical activity only to the time you’re working out can be a major roadblock to reaching your goals? Continue reading

How to know if you need a rest day

Bev Goodwin via Flikr

Bev Goodwin via Flikr

You know that engaging in physical activity benefits more than just your weight-loss efforts. It also helps clear your mind, gives you better quality sleep and tones your muscles. But did you know that sometimes, too much of a good thing is not always better? Continue reading

Yummy vegan ice cream (Recipe inside)

vegan ice cream 2Before you dismiss vegan ice cream as something that is gross or a possible oxymoron, hear me out. Just because this recipe does not have any animal products in it, that does not mean it tastes bad. In fact, I’ve tested this recipe on a number of people, and – surprise surprise! – they love it!

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Styles of yoga are not one-size-fits all

Let’s be real and tell the truth. Yoga is not a one-size-fits-all work-in. Firelog

Don’t freak out. Anyone (yes, anyone!) can do yoga. It’s just a matter of which style of yoga they choose to do. Just like there are many options when it comes to choosing a group fitness class (Zumba anyone!), you get a variety when you’re choosing a yoga class. Continue reading

Getting bendy: Yoga for flexibility

We’ve talked about some of the benefits of yoga before. Feeling better, balancing our body and mind, and becoming more confident about ourselves are just a few of the many, many benefits of practicing yoga. But, let’s address the elephant in the room. Yoga is also about increasing flexibility. In fact, you might join a yoga class just for the flexibility aspect of it. Here are a few key points to remember as you train your body to become more flexible. Continue reading

How do you get your yoga practice on?

Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for years or you’re just starting out, it’s important to remember that yoga is a journey. It’s a twisting a winding road that sometimes leads us to unexpected places – places we never imagined. On this journey, it’s quite possible that what used to work for your body may not work anymore or the reason you originally started practicing is no longer your main concern. outdoor yoga practice by Jean Herrique Wichinoski via Flikr

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Bedtime yoga: Yoga to help you fall asleep (with video!)

Bedtime yogaThere are many poses in yoga that are designed to invigorate the body and mind. Many poses awaken the body so practitioners can make that mind-body connection through vigorously physical movements. While many poses and sequences of poses can help with this awakening, there are others that are designed specifically to allow the body and the mind to begin to quiet and calm down. It is in these poses that we create sequences for bedtime yoga. Continue reading

Want six-pack abs? Here’s how.

Six-pack abs seem to be the gold standard when it comes to fitness level. It’s no wonder why. Having a strong core not only gives you that slim look, but it also helps keep your spine safe by aiding in balance and alignment.

six-pack ab training by daveynin via flikrReady to get started? Here’s the four-step formula for building a strong core.
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5 general guidelines for your yoga practice

There are several things to keep in mind while practicing yoga. Some of the following guidelines relate to things outside your practice, but take note that the majority deal with respecting your body and your practice. That means they are all well within your control. Continue reading