Styles of yoga are not one-size-fits all

Let’s be real and tell the truth. Yoga is not a one-size-fits-all work-in. Firelog

Don’t freak out. Anyone (yes, anyone!) can do yoga. It’s just a matter of which style of yoga they choose to do. Just like there are many options when it comes to choosing a group fitness class (Zumba anyone!), you get a variety when you’re choosing a yoga class.

The truth is, not everyone loves the heart-pumping qualities of vinyasa flow. On the flip side, there are many out there who aren’t into the slow movements of gentle yoga. And that’s ok! Just because you like one style of yoga doesn’t mean you have to like every style of yoga. This goes the other way, too. If there was one specific yoga class you went to, and you didn’t like it – try another type! Chances are, there will be one or more styles of yoga that calls your name.

Each yoga class is different, and each yoga teacher is different. Before you tell yourself yoga just isn’t for you, give it a chance. Try a few different styles of classes with a few different yoga teachers. That way, you’ll get to experience a variety of choices before you make your decision.

Plus, you might find that some days you want to get sweaty with a vinyasa class and other days you’re in the mood for a slower-paced gentle class. Again – that’s ok!

So, no. Yoga is not one-size-fits-all. Everyone is different, and different people have different needs. However, just because you didn’t feel like you fit in when they started chanting in the one Kundalini class you took doesn’t mean you won’t find your center when you’re learning alignment in an Iyenger class. (Whoa! So many options!)

At MunA Yoga, we teach vinyasa flow. To find out more about different styles of yoga, here’s a list to help you:

Kundalini – Kundalini Collective

Iyenger – B.K.S. Iyenger Yoga Center

Ashtanga – Ashtanga Yoga Minneapolis

Prenatal – YogaMama

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