New year, new you? A different approach to resolutions

When it comes to setting resolutions for the new year, people have the tendency to go overboard. They want to go from zero to 60 in two seconds flat.

“I am never going to eat another piece of chocolate again.”

“I am going to workout every day for 3 hours.”

“I am never going to say another mean word.”

“I am going to lose 20 (or 50 or 100) pounds.”

Sound familiar?

It’s great to have larger goals on the horizon to look forward to, but creating a New Year’s resolution doesn’t mean you have to go to an all-or-nothing extreme. Those goals tend to be exaggerated and unrealistic to keep long term. While it’s great to have big goals, you should make sure you have smaller ones, too. That will help keep you on the straight and narrow.

Another really important point about resolutions is that your goals shouldn’t be a complete overhaul of your entire self. If you start setting standards for yourself that are unrealistic, the sad truth of the matter is that you’ll probably fail. Making yourself better in the new year is a wonderful aspiration. Making yourself your best version today without giving yourself the room to make mistakes in the future is not a stable long-term plan.

Sage balance 1My resolutions

Because I know setting New Year’s resolutions can be tough (especially if you’re planning on keeping them!), I wanted to share a couple of my resolutions to show that you don’t need huge, year-long goals to become a better version of yourself. Without further ado, here are two of my aspirations for the year:

  1. Follow a regular workout plan for 12 weeks (January through March). It’s shorter than a year, yet long enough to be a challenge.
  2. Be patient. If things aren’t meant to be in any given moment, they simply won’t be. This year I want to practice patience by not rushing things. (Yes, this is a year-long goal. And yes, I fully plan on having a remission or two throughout the course of the next 300-some days. Patience does not develop overnight.)

So I’m wondering: What kind of goals did you set for yourself this year? After the first full week of the year, have you kept to them? If you haven’t, are you giving up on that goal? Or are you going to set a smaller, more achievable goal to boost your confidence and morale? Let me know! I’d love hearing from you about your plans for 2016.

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