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How to meditate: 7 meditation tips

If you’ve ever tried to meditate and found it hard to concentrate on nothing or boring to just sit around, you are not alone. Meditation is difficult – even for people who do it regularly. But it’s worth the struggle considering people who meditate tend to have better health outcomes. That said, if you’re trying to add meditation into your routine, it doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it sounds. Here are some simple tips to help meditation seem more manageable.

How to meditate

Find a quiet(ish) spot. While you can meditate anywhere, distractions are – well – distracting. If you set yourself up in a mostly quiet and peaceful area, you’ll have an easier time relaxing.

Go ahead, get comfy. Who said you have to sit in lotus to meditate? Definitely not me. Sit up, lay down. Be on your stomach, back, or side. It really doesn’t matter as long as you’re in a position you can stay in with ease for a while.

Close your eyes if that feels comfortable. If it doesn’t feel natural at first, start with them open with the intention to try to close them at some point.

Find a focus. This could be the clock ticking, birds chirping, music or the sound of your breath going in and out.

Don’t get discouraged by your trains of thought. When your mind starts to drift (and it will), notice it. Then make your way back to your focus.

If meditation is an intimidating word or concept for you, call it something else. Mindfulness. Alone time. “Me” time. Quiet time. Whatever term suits you the best – go with it.

Remember that meditation is a journey, not a destination. Your mind is going to wander – probably a lot at first. There are going to be some days that are easier than others, and there will be days that you can only focus for mere seconds at a time. Here’s the deal, though, trying is more than half the battle. If you can put in a couple minutes of mindful thinking and meditation a day, you’re doing yourself a world of good.

Put these tips into practice, and let me know how your journey to meditation goes. If you need more help, all you have to do is let me know!


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