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Exercises you can do anytime, any place

You’ve probably heard people say that they’ve found exercises you can do anytime, anywhere. Planks, squats and pushups usually top the list. But let’s be honest, can you really do them anytime, any place? Are you going to drop down and do a set of pushups while you’re in line at the grocery store? Probably not.

So are there truly any exercises you can do anytime, anywhere? Yes! Yes, there are! Here’s a list of my favorite exercises to do whenever I can.

Butt pushups

This one sounds like fun, right? Any time you find yourself seated, you can do this. At your desk, in the car, during a meeting … All you have to do is squeeze your butt muscles as tight as you can, and then release. Repeat as many times as you’d like. Personally, I like to set a timer, and do as many slow, concentrated contractions as I can within that time period. Start with 30 seconds, and see how it goes. If you feel like you can increase your time, set your timer for a minute. Feel like you can do even more? Do five, 1-minute sets with a short rest in between.

Isometric bicep holds

This sounds scary, but it’s not. Simply put, an isometric hold is when you contract your muscles and then hold it there for an extended period of time. That said, in order to do an isometric bicep hold, you just need to contract (i.e., squeeze) the muscles in your upper arms as hard as you can. Try holding for 15 seconds. If that’s easy, increase your time to 30, 45 or 60 seconds. Similar to the butt pushups, eventually try shooting for five, 1-minute sets with short breaks in between.

Abdominal holds

Planks are great, but if you don’t (or can’t) get down on the ground, you can work your abs. How? While you’re standing, sitting or lying down, exhale as you squeeze your abdominal muscles as hard as you can. Hold it there for a few seconds, then release. Repeat as many times as you’d like. Much like the butt pushups and bicep holds, you can do this for time and then add sets.

Unlike more traditional exercises, these are three moves you can truly do anytime any place. They’re especially great if you are sitting at a desk all day or stuck in the car on a road trip.

If you’re looking for more exercises to do anywhere, anytime, just let me know!

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