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50 easy ways to make today healthier

Every day, we make a plethora of choices that impact our health. Truth be told, we’re making these choices on an hourly basis, often more frequently than that. Over the course of a day, those decisions really add up. So how can we make the most of them? Here are 50 simple ways you can make today healthier than yesterday or the day before that. Continue reading

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Physical activity trends are depressingly low

If you were to take a gander at how many American adults get the recommended amount of exercise each week, what would you guess? One thing is for sure, physical activity trends in the U.S. could use a tuneup.  Continue reading


How to determine your activity level

If you’ve ever tried to calculate how many calories you need each day, you’ll notice that you need to first determine your activity level. Generally, these categories are broken up into sedentary, moderately active or highly active. For some people, it’s easy to determine to which level they belong. But for most people, it’s not that simple. Continue reading

Why sitting is ruining your life

Think back on the last 24 hours of your life. How much of it were you sitting? Seven hours? Eight? 10? More?

If you’ve followed any news or health outlet in the last few years, you’ve probably heard how bad it is to sit all day. When it comes to the negative health effects of sitting, professionals are calling it the new smoking. Simply put: The negative impacts are bad. Really bad. Continue reading

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Exercises you can do anytime, any place

You’ve probably heard people say that they’ve found exercises you can do anytime, anywhere. Planks, squats and pushups usually top the list. But let’s be honest, can you really do them anytime, any place? Are you going to drop down and do a set of pushups while you’re in line at the grocery store? Probably not. Continue reading

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Get Moving: Free June Fitness Challenge For Busy People

Ready to get your summer started? Between work, baseball practice, graduation parties, BBQs and more, is there really time to fit in exercise? Yes! Yes there is! This fitness challenge is perfect for people who are just starting out on their fitness journey as well as those who are incredibly busy this time of year. Bonus: It’s completely FREE! Continue reading

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Intimidated by your first fitness class? Don’t be

Walking into a new gym or fitness class can be intimidating. You worry whether you’ll fit in. You worry if you’re wearing the right clothes. And, especially if you’re out of shape, you’ll worry that everyone is watching and judging you for being there. Here’s the truth of the matter: Everyone is so concerned with themselves that they barely have any time to give you a second glance. Continue reading

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How to know how often to weigh yourself

When people try to gain or lose weight, they often begin to question how often they should weigh themselves. Some professionals suggest weighing every week or every other week, while some say daily. But with those varied suggestions, how do you know how often to weigh yourself? Continue reading

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More exercise equipment considerations

Exercise equipment is everywhere. Whether you’re walking through the aisles of a fitness store or you’re at the supermarket, you’re sure to see a jump rope, thigh toner or balance board. Each one boasts great fitness results, which can make it really hard to choose one to purchase. Continue reading

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Why isn’t the scale moving?

Stepping on the scale day after day, week after week only to see no progress is very frustrating. You eat well, and you exercise regularly. And yet … the scale isn’t moving. The question is: why not? The truth is, there’s more to weight loss than calories in, calories out. Here are four other things that could be hindering your weight loss. Continue reading