3 reasons you should avoid sugary drinks immediately

Sometimes water doesn’t sound as appealing as a nice cold glass of juice. Unfortunately, juice is filled with added sugar that you don’t need in your healthful lifestyle. Juice isn’t the only culprit, though. Sugary drinks might taste good while you’re drinking them, but in the long term, your body will run more efficiently on different sources of fuel. Here are three very good reasons you should stop drinking sugary drinks.

1. They are empty calories

The calories that come from sugary drinks provide little – if any – nutritional value. In fact, there’s a special name for these types of calories. They’re called “empty calories” because they are void of nutritional value. If you look at the nutrition label of a regular 12-oz can of soda pop, you’ll probably find that all the calories come from sugar. There are no vitamins, no minerals, no fiber, no grams of protein and no fat. Literally all the calories you’re getting are coming from added sugar, which does not give your body anything of real value. This is not only the case with soda pop. You’ll find the same thing goes for juices (even 100% juice is considered added sugar), flavored coffees and teas, and energy drinks.

2. They’ll leave you wanting more

So what exactly is that can of sugar doing for your body? It’s providing an energy spike that will plummet once your body metabolizes the sugar. That sudden drop of sugar will leave you feeling depleted and wanting more. Then what happens? You’ll start craving even more to give you that sugar rush again. It’s an endlessly downward cycle.

3. There’s a limit to daily sugar

Sugary drinksDid you know the USDA recommends that women have no more than 6 teaspoons (about 25 grams) of added sugar per day while men should have no more than 9 teaspoons (about 45 grams). If you have one 16-oz bottle of regular soda pop, you’re easily getting 50 or more grams. Plus, everything you consume throughout the day adds to this. That means if you have a flavored coffee (30+ grams) in the morning followed by a regular 16-oz soda (50+ grams) throughout the day then a cup of juice (20+ grams) with your afternoon snack, you’re easily getting 100 grams of added sugar – and that’s just from your drinks! Consider all the other added sugars you’re getting each day in your bread and other baked goods, ketchup and other condiments, yogurt, desserts, and the majority of processed and pre-packaged foods.

Limiting or avoiding sugary drinks altogether is a great way to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle. Not only will you cut down on the number of empty calories you’re consuming, your body will thank you by running more efficiently without sugar spikes. If you have more questions about added sugar or incorporating healthy habits into your routine, Body and Mind by Muna is here to help!

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